*** The activity of this website has been frozen ***

We still maintain this website, let say to own the domain name “” for 5 or more years due to the following reasons:

1) Prevent illegal use of this domain name
We have kept both backup from personal hard disk and the server in Germany for more years in case proof of evidence is required. We are the owner of the material in this website by “Intellectual Property” rights.
2) Avoid possible political involvement
Audio engineering does not grant a professional designation (e.g. staatlich geprüfter Techniker in EU or P.Eng. in North America) with full of swindlers, gangsters, robbers, idiots and beggars, particularly in some countries. They are loitering in some audio forums. Due to safety and security reasons, we have stopped any forwarding linkage from public audio forum and we have no intention to communicate or co-operate with these media anymore.
3) Prevent disturbance from unreliable external factors
Temporarily closing the door can prevent unreliable external factors including the so called "customer" who deliberately create a disturbance to our decision making. A "counterfeit" customer who intends to influence supplier decision for some reasons may be classified a deception. If the counterfeit customer gains benefit from third party and the supplier suffers from property loss due to customer's influence, then it can be listed as criminal offence. Even if the supplier does not suffer from property loss, this event may also be classified as "corruption". A basic business transaction between customer and supplier simply involves two main steps of sell (i.e. offer) and buy (i.e. acceptance) while there may be some minor discussions within them such product briefing, price negotiation, quality inspection, delivery date, etc... For unreliable customer, we only accept "sell-and-buy" strategy even if a global customer.

4) Attribute audio industry
Government regulation does not apply to audio industry and any worldwide audio societies are classified as non-for-profit organizations which do not carry statutory power. Hence, an audio company is a simple private business which is required to comply with commercial law only.
5) Testify against criminals
We feel extremely disappointed with the "code of conduct" in audio industry if a personal hobby turns into political issue. If necessary, we are always available to testify against criminals (e.g. counterfeit, defamation, broadcasting rumors or invasion of Intellectual Property, etc...) in court case.

6) Avoid declaration of false statement by third parties
Formal notice is based on this website. Authorized signature from domain name owner is required for any declaration or notification other than this website. Becareful to be victim of deception and don't believe "false statement" by swindlers. By law, a false statement which causes property loss to a victim can be listed as criminal offence.


1) By law, we have no liability to explain anything due to security and ignore any unreliable external influence due to possible political involvement because we are not urgent to start business (i.e. no offer) and have not received money in advance from any parties yet (i.e. no debt). For this reason, anyone who steals our assets or copies our Intellectual Property (IP) without our consent will be sent to court case for handling.
2) In addition, anyone who has money feel free to develop your own system. Innovation should not be restricted by any boundary. Healthy competition is welcome because scientific and technological progress relies on pressure from legal competition. Please don't annoy us which can be classified as an offensive behavior of "Harassment" and don't copy our patented technology which will bear "Civil liability". Furthermore, we feel extremely troublesome and have no intention to co-operate with you anymore.


Alan, Shun-Ming Tam
(Domain name owner)
Updated: 12th September, 2016.



*** This website is hosted in Germany ***