Please note the following simple and straight forward statements:
(1) Currently, we have nothing related to DIY audio market because we have stopped all DIY activities since the year 2012. During this period, we have never received one coin (i.e. no sales) from DIY audio market up to now. In other words, we have never been involved in public audio activities afterwards, which includes experience sharing, coaching or making comments, etc.…
(2) In order to avoid any political involvement, we shall not comment any people in the audio industry unless malicious criticism and/or illegal use of our asset (i.e. patented design) without our consent.
(3) We are a private-held company which strictly complies with related international laws. Due to security purpose and isolation from political matters, "
NO ENTRY" without the owner's permission regardless of any nationality including Chinese. Any criminal behavior will be referred to court case.
(4) We have thrown away all British rubbish and isolated from British market. The British style of “Indirect communication” does not work for us. They never talk to you to ask your consent, but are always looking for someone superior to you such as your father, mother, relatives, job supervisor, oversea clients, University professor, government, etc…. who can control you. In addition, they who established so called "XX XX Watch" private organization to audit your mistakes do actually want to control your activities. Surveillance can be illegal [Ref#1] and surveillance abuse by government is an immoral behavior [Ref#2] with many cases reported in the world such as [Snoopers' Charter] was vetoed by the EU's highest court [Ref#3] and required to rewrite [Ref#4]. Other examples are [Ref#5] and [Ref#6], etc... They are totally ignored and non-sense. In order to avoid deception due to improper "Indirect communication", all proof of our authorization must show the owner’s signature.

Due to security, the owner will “NEVER” do the followings:
(1) The owner will never directly meet unauthorized people in audio industry, but selectively communicate with a few people in the audio industry because we have no this obligation by law; and
(2) The owner will never directly run business in audio industry, but only authorize third party to handle any business related to audio industry under our healthy financial status at zero debt.

That's all!


Alan, Shun-Ming Tam
(Domain name owner) [Photo]
Last updated: 25-June-2018


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