About Me

           My name is called Alan, Shun-Ming Tam (譚信明). I was born in Hong Kong in the year 1964 and educated locally with both engineering (i.e. Electrical and Computing, MSc(Eng)) and business (i.e. Economics, MEcon) academic background up to Master levels both from the University of Hong Kong. But, I currently have no commercial business (i.e. Tax record) in Hong Kong for about 15 years up to now because I invest and earn globally. In financial viewpoint, I am highly confident with my investment strategy and accuracy which is supported by past records.

            I have never been in audio industry. With over 20 years DIY audio experience, I design audio gear for hobby purpose only. I am totally affordable this small bulk business, but it is not urgent or just my toys. I am now busy with other high value-added business, thus I have stopped DIY activity since the year 2012. I am approachable provided that your attitude is positive. It explains my friends all over the world such as USA, Canada, Germany, France, etc...


Last updated : 3-April-2018



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