About Me

           My name is called Alan, Shun-Ming Tam (譚信明). I was born in the year 1964. In the world, it may exist some people with the same name. But, it does not exist some people with the same face at same name. In order to avoid deception, this photo serves as a biometric authentication (i.e. face recognition) to prove the owner of this website.

           I have never been in audio industry. With over 20 years DIY audio experience, I design audio gear for hobby purpose only. Due to personal reason, I have stopped DIY activity since the year 2012. I don't need to introduce myself in the audio industry because I shall not directly involve in this industry to avoid possible political involvement. For those audio guys who maintain a good friendship already know me. For those guys who do not know have no chance to communicate with me due to the reasons of personal privacy and security. Therefore, I do not need to explain anymore. Please excuse me as I am not conceited. For any illegal conflict, my lawyer will explain on behalf of me.

           I never argue with people about personal taste of sound. It is just a waste of time for an endless debate because the taste of sound is a subjective opinion relative to individual person and there is no absolute answer for all people. In conclusion, less argument and spend more time to enjoy the music. I am approachable provided that your attitude is positive. It explains my friends all over the world such as USA, Canada, Germany, France, etc...


Last updated : 29-July-2018



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